Playing Against a Checkers King

What should we do if we're up against a king in checkers while we have nothing but mere ordinary pieces? There is a simple strategy for playing against a checkers king. It's not foolproof but it's among the best.

Kings or crowned pieces appear when the game is at its near end. At times, even good players fail to have any of their pieces crowned. At times even beginners beat them to the race for kings and end up playing against the king of a beginner. This happens and should not be considered as something big to fuss over. The thing is to know what to do.

One thing for sure, the antidote here is to produce at least a king as soon as possible. If we had a good start and were able to place a lot of pieces in secure places this ought not to be a big problem. We are apt to produce at least a king for ourselves later. If we have, say, 4 or 5 remaining pieces in safe places, we can beat even a good player with a king piece.

However, if we played badly at the very start and did nothing to preserve and place some pieces somewhere near the end row, we're of all people to be pitied. Even if the opponent were a full pledged novice with a single king piece the opponent may be able to easily demolish us. Hence, a key to producing a king is to start out strong in the game. This will solve a lot of problems later when the opponent beats us to the race and is first to produce a king.

We need to place our remaining pieces on squares at the edges or corners. These are the safest places for our pieces on the board, especially when playing against a checkers king. By now our 4 to 5 remaining pieces should be 2 or 3 squares away from finish line. Or even 4 squares away. Let's say we have 4—two on both sides. If the enemy has only one king, the opponent will have to decide which side to guard against. So that gives us at least 2 kings later.

If we have only 2 remaining pieces, force the king to capture one piece as long as the other piece can counter capture it.

Don't fret playing against a checkers king. If we had a good beginning there shouldn't be many problems. But against 2 or more kings is another story.