How to Build Up our Fortress
What's the best checkers strategy? Combining defense and attack tactics plus a crowning contingent. A checkers strategy needs to focus on these.

An Effective Crowning Strategy
A crowning strategy should be seriously considered in checkers. If we want better winning odds we have to arm ourselves with a crowning strategy.

Capturing More than Two Pieces at a Time
To capture more than two pieces in a single turn is a mark of high checkers skill. Practice to capture more than two pieces in a single turn.

Choosing a Checkers Board to Play With
The right checkers boards are vital when we start out in checkers. Using our favorite checkers boards helps us maintain interest in the game.

Forcing the Enemy into a Trap
A forced capture is one way of controling the enemy. If we can make the enemy do what we want done through a forced capture, we win that round.

Getting the Most from Our Checkers Board
We must understand checkers boards better. We should know how to use checkers boards for mentally plotting strategies and assesing a game.

How to Acquire a King in Checkers
In checkers we consider crowned pieces as kings. Kings are powerful in checkers. We should aim to have pieces crowned to use crowned pieces as kings.

How to Move Pieces Purposefully in Checkers
When moving pieces in checkers we have to have purpose. Moving pieces in checkers should be geared towards crowning to capture more enemy pieces.

How to Use a Checkers Notation
A checkers notation can help us see our strengths and weaknesses. We can also study and assess others' plays through checkers notation.

Orchestrating a Deadly Double Capture
To double-capture pieces we have to understand its linear and zigzag methods. Winning is more certain when we double-capture pieces in checkers.

Playing Against a Checkers King
When playing against a checkers king we have several options. We can even win eventually. Playing against a checkers king has great possibilities.

Proper Ways of Capturing in Checkers
Capturing pieces in checkers is a major task. However, we should take care that the enemy has lesser opportunities of capturing pieces in checkers.

Setting Up the Board in Checkers
A correct checkers board setup is vital in the beginning of a game. Everything else proceeds smoothly if we have proper checkers board setup.

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