How to Move Pieces Purposefully in Checkers

Moving pieces in checkers should always be done with a purpose. In this way, we always use our turn to the full and wisely.

Checkers pieces are usually small plastic, stone, or metal discs that look alike except in color. Pieces are divided into two groups—the black and the white. There are 12 blacks and 12 whites. The two players have to choose one group each. After correctly assembling them on the board, the first move has to be made.

In checkers, black pieces always make the first move. They say this is an advantage. Others say it only becomes an advantage if the player knows how to use the advantage. Hence, our moves have to be done on purpose. Many novices just move any piece just to do something on a turn. From the very first move, we got to have a plan, and the first move should be according to that plan.

When moving pieces in checkers, everything should be done diagonally, to the right or left, from a black square to another black square. No move should land on a white square. Vertical or horizontal moves are not allowed.

As far as ordinary pieces are concerned all moves should take only a square from point of origin on each turn. We cannot move directly to an enemy piece and also capture it on the same turn. If we move to an enemy piece we give the opponent a chance to capture on the next turn.

Movement with ordinary pieces should always be forward. They are not allowed to move backward in retreat. They may only do so when capturing enemy pieces. Crowned pieces may move back and forth any time. All pieces cannot go beyond or jump over another piece except when capturing an enemy piece. Jumping over or capturing two or more successive pieces is not allowed.

The main goal in checkers is to get rid of all enemy pieces through capturing. A secondary goal is to get as many pieces crowned as possible. Crowning pieces means giving them power to jump over several squares on a single turn. Thus, we aim our forward movements primarily for this purpose. We don't just move forward because we wish to.

Moving pieces in checkers should be done according to rules and with a definite winning purpose. We have to patiently inch our way forward to victory, and this gives us lots of time to think and re-think our win strategy.