Checkers Strategy: How to Build Up our Fortress

Being a battle between two kingdoms, checkers needs some strategies on strengthening kingdom defenses. How do we fortify our formation? Here's a simply checkers strategy.

Among the best and simplest strategies is to distribute pieces into attack-defense and crowning teams. The attack defense team is further subdivided into pieces that aggressively move forward to attack and pieces played tightly to remain in our fortress to repel enemy attacks. The crowning team tries to ease out from the heat of battle to secure paths for crowning.

Basically, in our camp we have 3 rows. Each row has 4 pieces. The first row acts as the aggressive assault team. They are sure to be among the first casualties. They will try to break enemy defenses and capture some pieces to try to clear a path for the second team to travel through. The second team, coming from our second row, tries to make it to the sides and from there make their way to the end row inside enemy fortress.

The last team, the home defense force, has a dual mission. The checkers strategy here is to have them act as blocking pieces to repel what remains of the attacking enemy pieces from the first carnage encountered by our first suicidal team. Most times, the threat is considerably reduced and some members of this team manage to make it to the enemy camp later to support the crowning team.

It should be noted that there's no sense making any of our pieces stay in our camp. We should eventually make them sprint out to the other side for a chance at crowning. Since all our pieces are in danger of being captured we should risk them in a fight rather than lose them without a fight. Hence, we should have a team holding their ground in the camp until the coast is clear. Then they may dash to the other side for a chance at the crown.

Building up a fortress should be a temporary goal. Checkers is not really a fortress building game but a race to the other side of the fence where crowning takes place. The more pieces we get to other side and touch down on the last row, the more kings we have, and the better chances of our winning the game.

So what's the best checkers strategy for building up our fortress? The answer is a protracted or well planned attack in waves. The best offense is the best defense.