Getting the Most from Our Checkers Board

To grow fonder of checkers we need to buy the best checkers boards for us. This helps us continue enjoying and improving in the game long-term.

After we have bought the board we like it's time to explore its aspects and see how best we can benefit from its advantages during plays.

As in chess, we need to be properly oriented as to how we should position the board on a table. The board should be between us and our opponent. The square on the extreme right of the last row (the right corner square) should be white. If it's black, the board is improperly setup. We have to arrange it as instructed above. Either player should find a white square on their right corner.

When checkers boards are correctly oriented we should be aware of their areas or parts. First, let's establish the longitudinal and cross sections of a board. When we divide the board in half vertically (passing an imaginary vertical line exactly in the middle of the board) we will have 32 squares on the left and another 32 on the right.

Basically, this is how we assess our or the opponent's attacks from the right or left. For instance, if the right side of the enemy camp is strong we attack its left side.

We can also divide a board into its upper and lower areas if we put an imaginary horizontal line exactly in the middle. We'll have 32 squares up and 32 down. We use this to assess our advance and the advance of the enemy pieces.

For instance, if more enemy pieces have crossed over the horizontal dividing line, this means the opponent is ahead of us in movement. So we better hurry up with out pieces.

We should also be aware of the tri-sectional division of a board. This has to do with attack, defense, and a strategy in securing pieces. So we divide our camp—which has 3 rows of 8 squares each—into 3 parts. These are the center part and the 2 sides.

The center part has 12 squares while the 2 sides have 6 each. The 2 sides serve as areas where pieces are safest and where the route to the enemy camp is most secure. We use this for crowning purposes—when pieces reach the end row inside enemy camp.

Thus, checkers boards should be mentally divided as described above in every game. With this method, our play becomes purposeful and strategies become easier to do.