An Effective Crowning Strategy

Crowning is a major part of checkers. It is when a piece survives and manages to reach the last row located in the camp of the enemy. When it touches that row it is crowned and converted into a king. A king in checkers has powerful moving and capturing abilities that ordinary pieces do not have. It is important to have a crowning strategy.

An effective strategy for crowning is moving pieces in close pairs. Paired pieces are directly adjoining or linked pieces occupying consecutive squares. Paired pieces cannot be captured along the line where they are positioned. Even crowned pieces or kings cannot touch them. However, when a pair is located in the middle of a checkers board, their defense may be breached by attacking them through the opposite diagonal line that passes their squares individually.

Hence, to make a pair more effective we need to place them at the sides of a checkers board. In this way the pairs are thoroughly safe from being captured by any enemy piece—even by enemy kings—and may even be potential captors of any enemy piece that dares come close. Paired pieces moving along side paths have the potential of making it to the last row and crowned as kings. This is a powerful crowning strategy in checkers.

By dividing our 12 pieces into pairs we will have a total of 6 pairs. The side squares on a checkers board number 8 in all—4 at each side. If we have 6 pairs the sides of the board has enough room for them—as long as we beat the opponent to them. Chances are, if the opponent is a novice, we alone appreciate the value of side squares. Most unseasoned players favor squares on the center, thinking that the more spaces one can move around with, the better. This may be true of chess but not of checkers.

Hence, we should remember the ingredients of a promising crowning strategy: paired pieces and always take to the sides. If the side squares seem not enough we may opt for the squares right beside side squares—provided that the pieces occupying the side squares are ally pieces. If not, we've set ourselves up for easy capturing by the enemy.

Crowning is an important aspect of checkers. If we want to get rid of enemy pieces fast, we should double time with our crowning tactics. The more pieces we crown the surer our victory is in the game.